United Exports has been involved with stone fruit since 2002, and is today a leading exporter from South Africa, supplying the full basket of nectarines, peaches, apricots and plums. They are committed to working with a select group of dedicated growers who focus on high yield and good eating quality, obtained through the planting of high quality varieties

United Exports is also involved in breeding programmes such as Oz Peach and Burchell’s – Oz Peach to lengthen our early grower advantage, and Burchell’s to help strengthen our position in the later segment of the stone fruit season.

The Burchell Difference
The Burchell Nursery, Inc. ® is a third generation, family-owned company based in California. It is a bare root and container nursery which services growers of stone fruit, citrus, almonds, walnuts, olives and other tree species as well. The Nursery generally provides annually 3 million finished, budded trees for commercial growers. The nursery has long been associated with quality genetics. In 1975 the nursery, along with Grant Merrill, released the Elegant Lady peach. In 1989 the Breeding Program was started by John Slaughter and Tim Gerdts. In 2012, Kaylan Roberts joined John in improving and expanding their goals. The Breeding Programme has a mission to provide ever-improving genetics to the industry, and has focused its efforts in eating quality, productivity, disease resistances, and improving post-harvest. Since its inception, the Burchell Breeding Programme has:

  • Patented over 70 varieties of stone fruit
  • Provided quality genetics to their partners in Australia, Chile, South Africa, and Europe

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The Oz Peach Breeding Programme
Over the last 20 years the Oz Peach breeding programme, jointly owned by United Exports and David & Leasa Mazzardis, has focused on the development of firm flesh varieties of peaches and nectarines with low-chill requirements. Innovative West Australian breeders, David and Leasa Mazzardis, own and manage the highly successful ‘Yanchep Springs’ orchard. As a result of his ground-breaking work in the development of early season, low chill, firm flesh peach and nectarine varieties, David is regarded as an industry leader.

Oz Peach has developed superior, early season selections which are not prone to the problems common to most low-chill varieties. The selections developed do not suffer from early tip softening, resulting in fruit that can be left to mature on the trees.

All Oz Peach selections of white and yellow firm flesh peaches and nectarines meet the highest standards in terms of appearance, predominantly red colouring, eating quality, uniform large size, enticing rich aroma and its outstanding flavour. Oz Peach varieties are now being commercially grown in South Africa and United Exports has the sole right to plant OZ varieties in the Southern Hemisphere.

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