The Early Blue breeding program is made up of southern highbush evergreen blueberry varieties and has already gained traction in Australia, South Africa, Europe, Chile, Peru, Mexico and the United States. The Early Blue breeding programme is responsible for the OzBlu series, which includes the following varieties: Oz Magnifica, Oz Julieta, Oz Bella, Oz Magica, Oz Bonita and Oz Monica.

United Exports has invested in significant South African blueberry production on their own farms, and with a selected group of licensed growers. The growing areas range from traditional berry-producing regions in the south to newer regions like Gauteng, Limpopo and Northwest Province. The first commercial plantings in South Africa were made in 2013.

Spreading its production geographically and growing the berries out of the rainy season in each area, United Exports is able to produce blueberries in South Africa 52 weeks of the year. The varieties are very similar throughout the year, therefore we are in the unique position of being able to provide the consumer with a reliably high quality blueberry experience year-round.

OZ Blueberries have been bred with the same intention, of developing the same non-melting characteristics found in the OZ peach range, which gives them the benefit of an extended shelf life and being a favourable product for sea freight, as well as a superior taste and quality for longer.

Key Characteristics:

  • 50% Owner of EarlyBlue breeding programme
  • Global master License holder for Early Blue varieties
  • Fully integrated Grower in RSA
  • 2 x Centralised pack houses with state of the art machinery
  • Early and consistent, year-round supply


  • Low chill, southern high bush, evergreen blueberry varieties
  • Good sized berries
  • Firm berries
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Sweet Flavour
  • High yield